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The study plan is the document with which each student submits the full set of didactic activities (classes, laboratories, internships, etc.) that he or she wishes to take during his or her course of study in order to achieve the degree, according to the terms of the Didactic Regulations and the Didactic offer (Manifesto degli studi).

Submitting the study plan is necessary in order to specify the mandatory, elective and optional activities that you wish to include in your booklet: only if the activities are present in your booklet you can take and record the exam (or other forms of examination), registering the corresponding credits. Examinations of didactic activities that are not present in the booklet cannot be recorded.

When to submit the study plan

You can sumbit or modify your Stydy plan for the current a.y. in the following time frames:

  • 1st term from 2nd to 31 October 2023
  • 2nd term from 12 February to 4 March 2024

The online section Study Plan - Career Plan is active only if you are regularly enrolled in the current academic year.

If you are in the “expecting to graduate” condition (“attesa di laurea”) you can modify your study plan only in the first-time frame available and only with reference to exams offered in the last a.y. you were enrolled in.

How to sumbit the Study plan

Before submitting the study plan, check the Study Manifesto published on the page Rules and Regulations Bachelor's degree in Computer, Communications and Electronic Engineering.

1st year students

If you are enrolled in the 1st year in the curriculum in Italian, the didactic activities will be added in your Esse3 Record book by the Student Support, you dont' have to submit any Study Plan.

If you are enrolled in the 1st year in the curriculum in English, you have to subit the Study plan in Esse3 - Study Plan - Career Plan to choose the Englsh language exam.

2nd year students

If you are enrolled in the 2nd year of the curriculum in Italian, you have to submit the study plan in Esse3 - Study Plan - Career Plan and choose the curriculum path..

If you are enrolled in the 2nd year of the curriculum in English, you have to submit the study plan in Esse3 - Study Plan - Career plan and choose elective courses.

3rd year students

If you are enrolled in the 3rd year, you have to submit the study plan in Esse3 - Study Plan - Career Plan and choose the elective courses.

If you want to add free choice courses not listed in Esse3, you have to fill in and sumbit the study plan in Esse3 and then ask to modify the optional courses as indicated in the paragraph "Fuori corso" students and replacing optional courses.

During this timeframe, you can change your study plan several times in Esse3: make sure you have confirmed it before the end of the timeframe.

Late with your studies ("Fuori corso") students and replacing optional courses

In some cases you cannot fill in the study plan in Esse3:

  • if you are late with your studies (“fuori corso”)
  • if you want to insert optional courses other than those listed by Esse3, you must first fill in the study plan in Esse3 and then fill the  form to ask the change

To send your request:

  • fill in and save the "Study plan form for the scientific and technological area" in pdf format and rename it with Name_Surname_Student ID Number
  • send it to from your UniTrento mailbox (@ within the deadlines. Forms sent from non-UniTrento student email or after the deadlines will not be accepted.

A Commitee will evaluate and approve your request. If it is not approved, Student Support will notify you by email.

Your Booklet will be updated after the end of the study plan submission period.

Check the Career - Record Book

If your Study Plan is updated correctly, you can see the changes saved in the Esse3 reserved area under Career - Record Book (other sections of Esse3 don't matter).