In order to be admitted to the exams, you must have previously uploaded the courses in the Career - Record book in your Esse3 web area within the rules set for your degree course.

The on line section Study Plan - Career Plan is active only if you have paid the tuition fees for the current academic year and within the deadlines set.

When to sumbit th study plan

You can sumbit or modify your Stydy plan for the current a.y. in the following time frames:

  • 1st semester
    from 16th October  to 17th November 2023, for the study course Interfaces and communications technologies, Science and techniques of cognitive psychologyHuman-Computer Interaction and Psychology
    - from 30th October to 15th November 2023, for the study course Cognitive Science
  • 2nd semester from 4th to 29th March 2024.

How to submit the study plan

In order to know which activities you can include in your study plan, check the Didactic offer (“Manifesto degli studi”) for the current academic year:

1st, 2nd or 3rd year students

If you are enrolled in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year, you have to fill in your study plan online from your Esse3 web area following these instructions:

  • mandatory courses are already included, you cannot modify them.
  • Elective courses: please choose 1 or 2 activities (depending on your study program) from those listed in Esse3.
  • Free choice courses: you have to choose a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 credits of free choice courses from those listed.
  • Free choice non-listed courses: you can also choose activities different from the ones listed on Esse3, provided they are offered by programs of the same level as yours (bachelor’s or master’s degree). After confirming your study plan in Esse3, you have to send an e-mail with the name and code of activities you want to add to the Student Support Service at They will be updated after the closing of the time frame.
  • Type F courses: you cannot insert them, they will be added after the closing of the time frame.

Students late with studies 

If you are late with your studies or you have obtained an academic transfer credit evaluation, you cannot fill in the study plan in Esse3: write an email to the Student Support Service at with the list of activities and code you want to add or remove.

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