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Academic year


Academic year


In this page are described the deadlines and administrative procedures for graduating: how to register for the final exam.

The characteristics of the final exam and the instructions for carrying out the thesis project for each course are described on the following pages

Final exam calendar and deadlines

Final exam calendar and deadlines a.y. 2020/2021
Final exam registration Exams' registration deadline Thesis upload Final exam
by 11 May 2022 at 23.59 (extraordinary) by 25 May 2022 (extraordinary) by 8 June 2022 at 23.59 (extraordinary) by 15 June 2022 (extraordinary)

The extraordinary graduation session has been deliberated following the Academic Senate of 16 February 2022, which approved the extension of the deadline for graduation for the academic year 2020/2021.

The extraordinary graduation session is open to students lacking maximum one exam, in addition to the internship and to the English language exam. Professors could agree about the opening of reserved extraordinary exams dates for students in the above situation.

Final exam calendar and deadlines a.y. 2021/2022
Final exam registration Exams' registration deadline Thesis upload Final Exam
by 17 June 2022 at 23.59 1 July 2022 15 July 2022 at 23.59 22 July 2022
14 September 2022 at 23.59 28 September 2022  12 October 2022 at 23.59 19 October 2022
17 November  2022 at 23.59 1 December 2022  15 December 2022 at 23.59 22 December 2022
16 February 2023 at 23.59 2 March 2023 16 March 2023 at 23.59 23 March 2023
Final exam calendar and deadlines a.y. 2022/2023
Final exam registration Exams' registration deadline Thesis upload Final Exam
14 June 2023 at 23.59 28 June 2023 12 July 2023 at 23.59 19 July 2023


Registration for the final exam

Submit your degree application by the deadline in Esse3 - Degree award:

  • answer the Almalaurea questionnaire
  • fill in the thesis title
  • fill in the Supervisor name
  • attach the thesis frontispiece
  • pay the contribution available in Esse3 - Registrar_s office - MyTasse within the deadline indicated in the payment slip.
Go to: Esse3 - Degree award - Title obtainment

Italian language knolwdge for Computer Science students

If you are enrolled in the master's degree in Computer Science, you are not Italian, unless you have already done the Italian Language exam A1 level, you are required to send to the form “Declaration Italian Language Knowledge” signed by the Thesis’s supervisor by the deadline for the Final exam registration. 

Thesis upload

In Esse3 you have to upload your thesis file in standard PDF format. The title page must follow the attached Thesis cover template.

Go to: Esse3 - Degree award - Title obtainment

Final exam and academic board

The date, time and room for the final exam of each candidate and the composition of the academic board are published on this page in the decree for the final examination.
The delivery of the hard copy of the thesis to the Committee, on the discussion day, is not necessary for the October 2021 Degree session

Giving up the final exam

If for any reason you choose not to graduate from the exam you are enrolled in, you must send an email from your address to the Student Support Service and communicate that you are giving up the final exam.