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The Diploma Supplement (DS) is a document accompanying a higher education diploma, providing a precise description of your academic career and of the competencies acquired during your studies according to a European standard.

All graduates (either at Bachelor or at Master’s level) can be awarded the Diploma Supplement.

Both in Italian and English, is available in digital (PDF) or printed version, either bound (hard-covered) or unbound.

How to request the Diploma Supplement

You can request your Diploma Supplement by filling out the online "Diploma Supplement Application" of your Student Support Service.

If in the online application there is no PDF option, please write to your Student Support Service.


Go to: Modulistica online Studenti (Students Online forms)

Ways, cost and time for collecting the Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement, when ready, is delivered in the way selected in the 'Diploma Supplement Application':

  • in pdf format via email: free of charge
  • in hard copy format (bound and/or unbound) with pickup at Student Support: free of charge. Once the Diploma is available, the Student Support contacts you to define the day of pickup, possibly even by a delegated person
  • in hard copy format (bound and/or unbound) with shipping: fee of €30 to be paid when completing the online application.

The time for preparing the Diploma Supplement changes depending on the format: a few days for pdf, about 2 weeks for unbound format, up to 2 to 3 months for bound format. Further delays may depend on postal service.