How to apply for the “free circulation pass”

1. Enrolment or enrolment renewal

First, make sure you are regularly enrolled or you are in “Expecting to graduate” condition for the a.y. 2021/2022, that is:

2. Fill in the “Free circulation” application

Fill in the “Free circulation” application starting from 30 August 2021.

Choose the pass type

  • the OpenMove smartphone app (available for Android, iPhone, and web browsers for other operating systems), 
  • the Trentino Trasporti smartcard, available if you cannot or you don’t want to use the mobile app (fixed cost: 4,00 Euro).

Once you have submitted the application and chosen the pass type, you can not change it until it expires (ex. change from the App to the Smartcard or viceversa).

3. Payment

After completing the application procedure, you have to pay the 50,00 Euro fee, according to the instructions provided in the online procedure.

The contribution is compulsory for all students, included those who are fees waived

4. Activate your subscription

Within a few days you'll receive an email to your student webmail ( with further instructions about the pass activation. In case you do not receive this e-mail please contact

If you chose the mobile App OpenMove, you can activate it directly on your smartphone. If you face any problems/doubts you can refer to the OpenMove guide.

If you chose the smartcard of Trentino Trasporti just follow the instructions sent by e-mail: you will have to go to the bus station with a picture (passport size), pay 4,00 euros and wait up to 10 days to collect your smartcard. For any doubts please contact Trentino Trasporti Customer Service.