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Five and six year Master's degrees

Master's degrees

Enrollment to single classes allows you to attend lessons, take exams and obtain the certicate of the exams you passed, without enrolling in a study course. 

Single classes are useful to:

  • get updated on specific topics and to wide thier own professional skills
  • sit some more exams after the graduation in order to meet all requirements needed for "concorsi pubblici", postgraduate schools,...
  • free mover students who wish to attend classes and take exams at the University of Trento

Available courses and exam sessions

It is possible to enrol to almost all courses of the degree, single-cycle and master's degree programmes of the current academic year but there is some exceptions:

  • courses that required prior authorization for enrolment
  • courses not available for enrolment as singles classes 

Search the course catalogue to find syllabus, lecturer, university credits (ECTS), Scientific Disciplinary Sector (SSD), related degree programme.

Enrolment in single classes allows you to sit exams scheduled in the academic year of enrolment. 
Enrolling to single classes for the academic year 2023/2024 you can do exams during the:

  • Winter session: January and February 2024
  • Summer session: June, July and August/September 2024
  • Winter session: January and February 2025
  • In any further sessions of the academic year 2023/2024 according to the rules and limitations stated by the Department and Degree Program regulations.

Exams sessions are available more or less one month before the beginning of exams on the webpage  Esse3 - Exam sessions.


Fees and payment

Tuition fees depends on the total number of credits that you are planning to award from single classes.

A minimum fee of € 216,00 is due for the first 6 credits.
For each exceeding credit you will pay an extra fee of € 30,00.

How to enrol - TOPSport and TOP Team students

If you are a TOPSport or TOP Team student, and you are eligible to the admission for a Bachelor or Master Degree Program, you have direct access to the single classes of the same Bachelor or Master Degree Program: plerase, contact the email for specific instructions.

Courses that required prior authorization for enrolment

Applicants must obtain prior authorization from the academic bodies in order to enrol on some of the single classes listed below:

  • Bachelor's degree course Social Work
  • Five year Master's degrees Law
  • Five year Master's degrees Architecture and Building Engineering
  • Master's degree course Cognitive Science
  • Master's degree course Data Science
  • Master's degree course Economics
  • Master's degree course Energy Engineering 
  • Master's degree course Environmental Meteorology
  • Master's degree course European and International Studies 
  • Master's degree course European master in Business Studies
  • Master's degree course Human Computer Interaction
  • Master's degree course Innovation Management
  • Master's degree course International management
  • Master's degree course International Security Studies
  • Master's degree course Civil engineering
  • Master's degree course Environmental Engineering

Courses not available for enrolment as singles classes

Enrolment in single courses is not available for:

  • Bachelor's degree course Comparative, European and International Legal Studies
  • Bachelor's degree course Vocational education
  • Bachelor's degree course Interfaces and communications technologies
  • Bachelor's degree course Science and techniques of cognitive psychology
  • Six year's Master's degree course in Medicine and Surgery