Current ISEE (ISEE corrente)

A calculation of Current ISEE ("ISEE corrente") may be asked if the employee is under a permanent job contract, in case of recent and relevant variations of income or interruptions of the salary and other treatments or adverse events such as loss of the job or suspension or reduction of work time.

The calculation of Current ISEE is based on the income of the last 12 months (or 2 months, in that case the income will be multiplied by INPS - the Italian Social Security Institute - by six to put it in scale with the entire year).

A calculation of the so-called Current ISEE (ISEE corrente) may be asked by submitting the form “DSU current ISEE” in case a valid ISEE has been already issued.

 A Current ISEE has a six-month validity from the date of submission of the “DSU current ISEE”, unless variations in the employment situation or in the availability of the salary and other treatments occur. In that case, it must be updated within two months.

For the students of UniTrento, the method of calculation and update of the Current ISEE is the same as the one used for the ISEE Università. After having submitted the DSU to a CAF centre or to another financial advisor, subject to the times of elaboration of INPS (the Italian Social Security Institute), students can check their situation on their MyUnitn webspace by using the widget "ISEE Università".