Tuition fees

If you want to enroll in single classes to fulfil the requirements for the access to master's degree programs or to anticipate exams of the master's degree you are required to pay a tuition fee according to the total number of credits of all the classes you are going to take.
If you are currently enrolled in a bachelor's degree or a master's degree course at UniTrento check with your Student Support Service if you are entitled to enroll in single classes as tuition fees waiver.

Tuition fees for single classes - master’s degree 2022/2023


Tuition fees
up to 12 ECTS € 200,00
up to 24 ECTS € 300,00

up to 36 ECTS
(maximum credit amount to anticipate exams of the master's degree)

€ 400,00

up to 60 ECTS
(maximum credit amount to fulfil the requirements for the access to the master's degree)

€ 700,00