Total exemption for disabilities 66% or higher, or pursuant to Law 104/1992, article 3 par. 1

If you have either a “Disability certification” with a percentage higher than or equal to 66% or a “handicap status recognition’” pursuant to Law 104/1992, art.3 c.1 you are entitled to apply for the exemption from UniTrento tuition fees and Student welfare provincial tax (TDS) 

Eligible students are required to pay only the € 16 stamp duty to finalise the immatriculation application or yearly renew the enrolment.

How to apply?

If you are enrolling and have already submitted the Declaration of disabilities, SLDs or other special needs in Esse3, you do not need to do anything else.

If you matriculated before submitting the Declaration, you should notify after having finalised it. 

If you are enrolling in your second year or later, in order to apply for the fee waiver submit the application for Renewal with request for disability fees-exemption available at “Modulistica online studenti" ("Students Online Forms") and updating the certification attached to the Declaration, should  the previous one had expired.