Partial waiver for caregiver students

If you are enrolled at the University of Trento and you are taking care of and live with a person with a severe disability you may request a partial waiver of the tuition fees for a number of years proportional to the normal duration of the course in which you are enrolled variable depending on the year of your enrolment.

Caregivers who in a.y. 2019/20, the year in which the waiver was activated, had been enrolled in a course for fewer years than its normal duration will be granted the waiver deducting the years already spent.

Caregivers who in a.y. 2019-20 had been enrolled in a course for a number of years exceeding its normal duration (thus ‘fuori corso’) will be granted the waiver for a number of years corresponding to the normal duration of the study course (3 years for a bachelor degree course; 2 years for a  master’s degree course; 5 years for a 5-year degree course).

Eligible students will be exempted from the payment of the tuition fees and will have to pay only the Provincial Student Welfare Tax (TDS) calculated on the basis of the ISEE università (or equivalent) and the €16,00 stamp duty to finalise their immatriculation or their renewal of enrolment at UniTrento and

For the purposes of this waiver, students are considered as caregivers if the following requirements are simultaneously fulfilled:

  • the certification of the disability of the person the student must take care of must be that provided for in Article 3(3) of Law 104/92;
  • the student must be a parent, brother or sister, spouse, son or daughter, or a legal guardian (trustee, etc.) of the disabled person;
  • the student and the person taken care of must live in the same place and belong to the same household;
  • the disabled person must be “for tax purposes” dependent on the student. If the disabled person is dependent on more than one person, only one of them will be entitled to the waiver for the same academic year;
  • the student must be a worker as defined by article 2, par 1, lett. a) of Legislative Decree no. 81 of 09/04/2001;
  • the student must be enrolled in a study course to obtain her/his first degree of that level of university education.

The circumstances described under b), c), d), e), f) may be declared by means of a self-certification. The declaration mentioned under a) will be sent by the student filling the on-line form Declaration of disabilities, SLDs or other special needs.

How to apply?

You need to submit a request via email at  attaching the self-certification concerning letters b), c), d), e), f) as well as the copy of a valid identity document.

The self-declaration must also mention when the  certification of the circumstance under letter a) in the“Declaration of disabilities, SLD or others special needs” was uploaded on Esse3 System.

Template of a Self declaration  - Dichiarazione sostitutiva di atto notorio.

The original of the self-declaration must be sent by mail to: Ufficio Sviluppo Servizi Online e Supporto Utenti, Via Tommaso Gar n. 16/2 - 38122 Trento (TN).

The University of Trento may undertake random spot checks on the truthfulness of the submitted declarations.