The cases of weighted calculation for enrolment renewal

If you enrolled before a.y. 2017/18 and the fee amount for a.y. 2018/19 should be over 20% higher than the fee amount paid in 2016/17 on the basis of your ICEF, you will benefit from a “weighted calculation” for a.y. 2018/2019 if:

  • you are regularly enrolled in UniTrento during a.y. 2016/17 and in a.y. 2018/19 you are late with your studies for no more than one year
  • you have already your ICEF for a.y. 2016/17 calculated
  • you have calculated the "ISEE università" (or the "ISEE parificato" for students resident abroad) for 2018
  • you first enrolled in UniTrento
    • since a.y. 2015/16 in a Bachelor’s degree course
    • since a.y. 2013/14 in a 5-year-degree course
    • since a.y. 2016/17 in a Master’s degree course