ISEE: meaning and purposes

The “ISEE” is used to assess the Household Income (combined family members income and estate), when social benefits are requested in Italy.
In the case of university students, a more specific indicator ("ISEE università") is used for assessing access to services and benefits (e.g. reduced fees calculation, fees waiver, campus accommodation, etc.)

If you are not eligible for the calculation of “ISEE università” value (this is the case if you are either resident abroad or if you permanently live in Italy but financially dependent on a family living outside Italy (household abroad) you have to  apply for ISEE equivalent value (“ISEE parificato”) in order to access to services and benefits: if you do not calculate any ISEE parificato, you will be asked to pay the highest fee amount.

You should request an ISEE equivalent (“ISEE parificato”), if you are:

  • a foreign national resident abroad
  • an Italian national resident abroad 
  • a foreign national resident in Italy and you are not financially independent.