Call for admission

The Bachelor’s degree courses in Economics have a limited number of places: in order to enroll it is compulsory to pass the admission tests TOLC-E or English TOLC-E and register for the selection call.

The selection is open to EU citizens and the categories indicated in the Call for admission. Admission and enrollment require several tasks to be completed: this page illustrates the main steps, but you need to read the call for admission (“Bando di ammissione”) in order to find out all the methods and deadlines.

Non-European citizens not living in Italy can enroll in the course by participating in the specific calls for applications published at the page Academic offer in Italian for Bachelor’s degrees in Business Management and in Economics and Management - Italian track, and at the page Bachelor in Economics and Management for the Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management - English track. The Bachelor’s degree in Business administration and law has no places available for Non-European citizens not living in Italy.