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Master's degrees

In order to be admitted to the two-year Master’s degree in Mathematics applicants are required to have a Bachelor degree and to match specific academic requirements.

Non-European citizens not living in Italy need to apply within a dedicated call for admissions, which is usually open from December to March. Info and deadlines are published at Call for admission - Application procedure - Rankings.

Italians, European citizens and non-European citizens living in Italy need to apply for the verification of admission requirements, according to the procedure described on this page.

Requirements and admission procedures for Italian, European and non-European citizens resident in Italy

Requirements to access the Master’s Degree in Mathematics:

  • a Bachelor’s degree that provides a good basic mathematical background, as specified in the Course regulation (at least 60 CFU in the area MAT/ or related, but mathematical content)
  • adequate personal background, which is verified through: 
    • a written exam (you do not have to take it if you already have a Bachelor in the class L-35 and a weighted average higher than 24/30, or if you have completed a training course agreed with the Admissions Committee in the past years) and
    • an interview with the Admissions Committee (always required after the written exam and compulsory for the Cryptography track)
  • English language proficiency at B1 level (CEFR).

The evaluation is carried out by the Admissions Committee.


Application’s deadline, written exam and interview

You can apply for the admission and complete the admission process in any of the 3 sessions

You can apply in the November session only if you are waived from the written exam.

Admission’s deadline a.y. 2024/2025


Written exam


Evaluation outcome

by 28 June 2024

8 July 2024

9-10-11-12 July 2024

19 July 2024

by 27 August 2024

3 September 2024

4-5-6 September 2024

11 September 2024

by 21 November 2024

no written exam provided

2-3-4 Dicember 2024

13 December2024


Application for admission

27/5/2024 - 0:00 to 21/11/2024 - 23:59

In order to enroll in the course, you must submit the online application form for verification of admission requirements.  

You can submit the application even if you have not yet obtained the degree, provided you graduate by December 24, 2024, as long as you have passed all the exams in your study plan.


If you want to apply for admission to more than one curriculum, you must complete an application for each curriculum.

You may apply for admission and apply for the personal background evaluation only once a year, unless otherwise decided by the Admissions Committee.

Go to: Admission request for the Master of Science in Mathematics - a.y. 2024/2025

Written exam

The written exam covers fundamentals of Analysis, Linear Algebra (document "Syllabus for every Curriculum") and other subjects according to the chosen Track (document "Syllabi for the various Curricula").

Passing the written exam is a compulsory requirement for taking the interview and being admitted to the Master’s Degree.

You do not have to take the written exam if:

  • you have or are pursuing a degree in the L-35 class and at the time of application you have a weighted average higher than 24/30 (for this purpose 30 cum laude counts as 31)
  • you have already applied for admission in previous years and have agreed on a specific course of study with the Commission.



The inteview is always required after the written exam.

The Admission Committee may require you to be interviewed to assess your personal preparation, even if you are waived from the written exam. The Committee may also offer you an orientation interview.

For the Cryptography curriculum, the interview is always scheduled.

Date, time and interview arrangements will be communicated by the Secretary of the Department after the written exam has been evaluated (or, if you do not have to take it, after the deadline for applications for that session).

If you do not receive any communication, it means that you do not have to take the interview and can wait for the final evaluation outcome.


Evaluation outcome

The final evaluation outcome may be:

  • unconditional admission to one or more tracks
  • admission to a specific track, with an individual study plan agreed with the Commission, based on your initial preparation and specific interests
  • non admission.

If you cannot be admitted due to lack of curricular requirements, the Commission may indicate a course of study to acquire them, for example by enrolling in single courses for Master's Degrees.

The Commission may give you the opportunity to apply for the evaluation of admission requirements for a.y. 2024/25 a second time. 

Once you have all curricular requirements and the Bachelor’s degree, notify the Student Support office by email: you will receive the enrollment’s instructions.

If you do not meet the language requirement

If you do not meet the language requirement, you can take an English proficiency test at the Language Centre (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo - CLA).

The written part will be held in-person at the Language Center, while the speaking part will be held online.

English proficiency test 2024, dates and deadlines
Registration to the test Written part Speaking part
by 10 May 2024 at noon (UTC+2)  20 May 2024 31 May 2024
by 28 June 2024 at noon (UTC+2) 8 July 2024 19 July 2024
by 23 August 2024 at noon (UTC+2) 2 September 2024 13 September 2024
by 4 October 2024 at noon (UTC+2) 15 October 2024 25 October 2024

Once you have achieved the language requirement, write an email to the Student support service in order to proceed with the enrolment.

Go to: Enrolment to the English test for applying to Master's Degree courses

How to enrol

When the Student Support confirms that you fulfill all admission requirements, fill in the enrolment request on Esse3.

Enrolment requests for the academic year 2024/2025 will open in July.