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Academic year


Access to the Bachelor’s degree course in Comparative, European International Legal Studies  is restricted by an admission test.

The Spring session admission test will take place in the following locations on 29th March at 3 p.m.:

This admission test is reserved to the UE and to candidates indicated in the call for admission. Admission for some courses is also open to Non-EU candidates and regulated to a specific international call for admission.

  • TRENTO - University of Trento – Department of Economics and Management, Via Inama 5
  • BARI - Liceo Classico Statale “Q. Orazio Flacco”, Via Pizzoli 58
  • MANTOVA - Liceo Artistico “ Giulio Romano” via Trieste, 48
  • PALERMO - Liceo Classico Statale “Vittorio Emanuele II”, via Simone di Bologna, 11
  • ROMA - Polo Formativo di Roma, via Cristoforo Colombo, 112
  • BRUXELLES - No Peace Without Justice, Rue Ducale 41, Bruxelles 1000

Call for admission

The call for admission is published at the bottom of this page.

In the call for admission you can find all relevant information about the structure and contents of the admission test, the ranking publication times, up to date location address, admission and enrolments.

Registration to the admission test

01/28/2019 - 00:00 to 03/19/2019 - 12:00

In the online registration form specify the location and the degree course/s for which you are sitting the admission test.

Go to: Registration to admission test

Admission test

03/29/2019 - 15:00 to 18:00

You are asked to arrive on time and to bring with you an identity document, together with an Italian valid stay permit if you are a non EU citizen.


Rankings are published at the bottom of this page.

Any further possibile ranking will be published within 3rd May 2019.

Confirm your place

If you have been admitted (“idoneo ammesso”) you have to confirm your place  by paying the fee of 100,00 € within 24th April 2019 at noon.

You are allowed to confirm the place for one study course only.

Go to: Confirm your place


07/22/2019 - 09:00 to 08/02/2019 - 12:00

After you have confirmed, you will have to enrol in the degree course from 22nd July to 2nd August 2018 at noon.

After this deadline your enrolment cannot be taken into consideration.