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Call for admission

The Bachelor’s degree courses of the Departiment of Information Engineering and Computer Science have a limited number of places.

In order to enroll it is compulsory to pass the admission tests TOLC-I or English TOLC-I and register for the selection call.
The selection is open to European citizens and the categories indicated in the Call for admission ("bando di ammissione").
For the second and Summer session the information described in the article 4.2. has been updated through the document "rettifica al bando di ammissione".

Admission and enrollment require several tasks to be completed: this page illustrates the main steps of the first and second selections.
Information about the Summer selection are described on the Call for admission ("Bando di ammissione").

Non-European citizens not living in Italy can enroll in the course by participating in the call for applications published every year usually in December


There are three selection calls: the first one, the second one and the Summer one. 
To be admitted to the course you need to meet the deadlines described on the call for admission and in the table below.

Deadlines first and second selection calls a.y.2024/2025
  Register for admission call TOLC test Rankings Pre-enrollment Degree confirmation
First selection call From 17/11/2023 to 29/2/2024 at 12.00 (noon) From 1/1/2023 to 29/2/2024 8/3/2024 by the deadline specified in the ranking list From 8/7/2024 to 19/7/2024 at 12.00 (noon)
Second selection call From 1/3/2024 to 30/4/2024 at 12.00 (noon) From 1/1/2023 to 30/4/2024 10/5/2024 by the deadline specified in the ranking list From 8/7/2024 to 19/7/2024 at 12.00 (noon)


Deadlines Summer selection call a.y.2024/2025
  Register for admission call TOLC test Rankings Pre-enrollment
Summer selection call From 1/6/2024 to 30/7/2024 at 12.00 (noon) From 1/1/2023 to 30/7/2024 5/8/2024 To be definited


Register for the selection call

You must register for the admission call and for the UniTrento test by the deadline for the selection call (first or second) you want to take part in:

  • register on the website Registration for admission test using SPID, CIE or another method indicated on the login page
  • register for the admission ranking "Informatica e Ing. Informatica Comunicazioni ed Elettronica-TOLC-I/ENG TOLC-I - 2024" and select the curricula you want to apply for
Go to: Registration for admission test

TOLC test

To be eligible in the UniTrento rankings, you must pass the TOLC test in one of the online sessions ("TOLC @casa") by the deadline in the call for admission for the first or second selection call.

Register for the test on the CISIA website, where you will find the tests’ schedule, the procedures and deadlines.

UniTrento will consider only the highest TOLC score you will have gained starting from January 2023 until the deadline for the selection call.


Rankings will be published on this website.

Further rankings will be published only in case of available places after pre-enrollment and degree confirmation.



If you are admitted in a ranking, you need to:

  1. pre-enrol to the study course on Esse3 webarea in the section Administrative office, Enrolment by the deadline indicated on the rankings 
  2. pay the pre-enrolment fee (€ 80,00): payment method will be send to you per email after the pre-enrolment

If you pre-enrol to a study course but after you are admitted to another one and you want to change study course, send an email to the Admission Office (you don't have to pay the pre-enrolment fee again if you change course in the same selection call).

Degree confirmation

If you pre-enroled, then you must complete your enrollment in the UniTrento course by confirming your high school degree on the Esse3 web area.

If the University of Trento already has the information about your high school degree, you don't need to confirm it again.

Go to: Esse3 - Administrative Office - Educational qualifications