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On this page you can find the information about the tuition fees amounts and deadlines for a.y. 2018/2019. You can also find how to obtain a reduction in the tuition fees on the basis of the value of your “ISEE università” (i.e. the Economic Condition Indicator, referred to university).

Tuition fee amounts and UniTrento fee simulator

The minimum and maximum fee amounts for a.y. 2018-19 for the different study courses, are shown in the table below. The exact amount to be paid depends on your Household Income Condition which is expressed by the value “ISEE università” (i.e. the Economic Condition Indicator, referred to university), or your “ISEE parificato” (ISEE equivalent, if your permanent residence is outside Italy).

See ISEE università 2018-19ISEE parificato 2018-19.

Once you know your ISEE value, you can get an idea of the final amount you will have to pay by using UniTrento fee simulator - Simulatore tasse UniTrento.

Minimum and maximum fee amount a.y. 2018-19
Income bracket
"ISEE università" value Fees and contribution
Bachelor’s and 5-year degree courses
Fees and contribution
Master's courses
1 from 0.00€ to € 26.000,00 from € 346,00 to € 366,00 € from € 346,00 to € 366,00 € minimum amount
2 from € 26.000,01
to € 87.000,00
from € 366,00 to € 2.384,00 from € 366,00 to € 3.345,00

the exact amount can be estimated  by UniTrento simulator

3 from € 87.000,00 or more
or, if you do not have your “ISEE università” calculated
€ 2.384,00 € 3.345,00 maximum amount
  with scholarship and/or fee exemption € 16,00 € 16,00  
Go to: UniTrento fees simulator 2017-18 (in Italian only)

Tuition fees deadlines

Tuition fees have to be paid in three instalments, according to the scheme below.
Fixed and variable rates can be calculated through UniTrento fees simulator.

Tuition fees deadlines
Instalments  Deadline Fee amount
1st instalment


Students enrolling for the first time in a Master's degree course have to pay within 7 days after the enrollment

346.00 €

fixed rate for all students except for fee exemptions

2nd instalment   30/11/2018 about the 70% of the University contribution variable rate, calculated according to "ISEE università" value
3rd instalment 31/03/2019 the remaining 30% of the University contribution variable rate, calculated according to "ISEE università" value

Should the variable rate amount be of € 500,00 or less, the payment is due either in the first or in the second instalment (no third instalment is due). 

Any delays will be sanctioned (see the document “Contributi vari anno accademico 2018-19”) and some of the University services may be suspended.

See details on how to have your “ISEE università” or your “ISEE equivalent” values for a.y.18/19 on the dedicated sections.
Deadlines and "ISEE" calculation process for a.y. 2018/2019 on page ISEE università a.y. 2018/19 or ISEE parificato a.y. 2018/19: for students resident abroad.

The cases of weighted calculation for enrolment renewal

If you enrolled before a.y. 2017/18 and the fee amount for a.y. 2018/19 should be over 20% higher than the fee amount paid in 2016/17 on the basis of your ICEF, you will benefit from a “weighted calculation” for a.y. 2018/2019 if:

  • you are regularly enrolled in UniTrento during a.y. 2016/17 and in a.y. 2018/19 you are late with your studies for no more than one year
  • you have already your ICEF for a.y. 2016/17 calculated
  • you have calculated the "ISEE università" (or the "ISEE parificato" for students resident abroad) for 2018
  • you first enrolled in UniTrento
    • since a.y. 2015/16 in a Bachelor’s degree course
    • since a.y. 2013/14 in a 5-year-degree course
    • since a.y. 2016/17 in a Master’s degree course

Suggestions and recommendation

  • Income bracket in Esse3: you will temporarily be assigned bracket n. 3 (corresponding to the highest tuition fees amount) until the 2nd instalment is due. By31st October the bracket and corresponding fee amount will be updated on the basis of your ISEE value (if available);
  • The bank payment receipt (“MAV”) always reports “1 out of 3”, “2 out of 3”, “3 out of 3” even in case the 2nd and 3rd instalment were not due;
  • Please have your ISEE calculated within the deadlines in particular if you are:
    • a master’s degree student with a half-contribution exemption (“esonero metà contributi”)
    • benefiting from a total fee exemption or an Opera Universitaria scholarship
    • expecting to graduate (“in attesa di laurea”).

Should you find yourself in the situation that compels you to pay the tuition fee for a.y. 2018/19, it is important that you had your ISEE value calculated within the deadlines foreseen by the National Social Insurance Agency (INPS). No extensions are possible.