Tuition fee amounts and UniTrento fee simulator

The minimum and maximum fee amounts for a.y. 2018-19 for the different study courses, are shown in the table below. The exact amount to be paid depends on your Household Income Condition which is expressed by the value “ISEE università” (i.e. the Economic Condition Indicator, referred to university), or your “ISEE parificato” (ISEE equivalent, if your permanent residence is outside Italy).

See ISEE università 2018-19ISEE parificato 2018-19.

Once you know your ISEE value, you can get an idea of the final amount you will have to pay by using UniTrento fee simulator - Simulatore tasse UniTrento.

Minimum and maximum fee amount a.y. 2018-19
Income bracket
"ISEE università" value Fees and contribution
Bachelor’s and 5-year degree courses
Fees and contribution
Master's courses
1 from 0.00€ to € 26.000,00 from € 346,00 to € 366,00 € from € 346,00 to € 366,00 € minimum amount
2 from € 26.000,01
to € 87.000,00
from € 366,00 to € 2.384,00 from € 366,00 to € 3.345,00

the exact amount can be estimated  by UniTrento simulator

3 from € 87.000,00 or more
or, if you do not have your “ISEE università” calculated
€ 2.384,00 € 3.345,00 maximum amount
  with scholarship and/or fee exemption € 16,00 € 16,00