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Termination of studies

If you want to definitely terminate your studies, you have to submit, at any time of the year, the form “Termination of studies”.

Before doing this, please check that you are not pending with the tuition fees payment for last year of enrolment.

if you decide to terminate your studies

  • before 30th November, you will have to pay the first instalment of tuition fees 
  • before 31st March, you will have to pay the first and second instalment (if due) of tuition fees 
  • after 31st March, you will have to pay the fee amount for the whole academic year
  • before 31st December in order to enroll in a different University, the first and second installment of tuition fees can be refunded to you.
    See the application for reimbursement in the online section Apply - Online students forms.

If you benefit from an Opera Universitaria scholarship and you have not reached the number of the credits needed for keeping the grant, you will have to refund Opera Universitaria and to pay the tuition fees for the academic year of reference.

If you have a stay permit for study reasons, leaving the studies will imply that you will lose the right to renew the stay permit.

The termination of studies is irrevocable and implies the closure of your career. If you would like to enroll again you have to follow the admission procedure of the study course you choose.

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