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Academic year


In order to be admitted to the exams, you must have previously uploaded the courses in your Esse3 Career from your Esse3 web area Study Plan within the rules and time frames set for your degree course.

You are allowed to upload or modify your study plan in the following time frames:

  • from 2nd September to 11th October 2019
  • from 27th January to 6th March 2020

You must be enrolled for the academic year 2019/2020 or under “Expecting to graduate” condition.

You can not do exams if those exams are not in your Esse3 Career. Any exam which is not in your Career will not be taken into consideration, even if you have passed it.

For any problem you can send an email to with:

  • email object: "Problems with study plan"
  • email text: name, family name, ID student number, what kind of problem.

Students enrolled in Law and Ceils

You can add exams to your Esse3 Career through the page Esse3 > Study plan.​

Only if you do not find the exams on Esse3 > Study Plan, you can use the form (see Attachments) and hand it in to the Student Support service.

Information about compulsory preliminary courses and study plan area (see Attachments):

  • for Law students: in the Course Guide
  • for CEILS student: in the handbook

Please read it frequently because some exams could change during the year.

Go to: Esse3 - Study Plan

Students enrolled in no more active courses

If  you are enrolled in a pre-Bologna degree course or in a bachelor’s or master’s degree course - old system – you are permitted to change your study plan in hard copy only: you can find the form among the Attachments of this page. Complete the form and hand it in to the Student Support service.

Be reminded that if you are enrolled in a pre-Bologna degree course, you are allowed to replace only one course. In the case further changes are needed you are requested to attach a written motivation to your request. This will be examined by the Commission.