In order to be admitted to the exams, you must fill in the Study Plan within the rules and deadlines set for your degree course so that the courses you need to compete are listed in your Transcript of records (“libretto”).

You can fill in your Study Plan only if you are regularly enrolled in your course for  a.y. 2021/2022 and in two different timeframes of the year.

Time frames and deadlines

You are allowed to upload or modify your study plan in the following time frames.:

  • first semester: from 11 October to 12 November 2021
  • second semester: from 14 March to 15 April 2022.

Filling in the Study Plan online on Esse3

If you arecurrently enrolled in the academic year 2021/2022 you must complete the Study Plan online on  Esse3 - Study Plan - Career Plan, based on your year of enrollment in the established periods.

If you want to include in your Study Plan repetitions of courses not allowed by the online compilation, in addition you must fill in the "Exam reiteration request" form ("Modulo richiesta reiterazione attività didattica"), signed by you and by the teacher of the coruse and send it by email to the Student Support Service.

Go to: Esse3 - Private area

Filling in the study plan by form

In some cases is impossible to fill in the Study Plan online by:

  • if you have to include courses managed by departments other than Humanities Department, or other Bachleor's or Master's degree (students enrolled in a Bachleor can only include courses from other Bachelors, students enrolled in a Master can only include courses from other Masters)
  • you are late with your studies ("fuori corso")
  • you want to include supernumerary courses in your Study Plan.

In all these cases, fill in the form  "Modulo compilazione piano di studio corsi di studio Lettere e Filosofia, Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale" and send it via email to Student Support Service.

"509/99 Decree" and pre Bologna process degree courses

If you are enrolled in a degree course of the "509 Decree", you can modify the Study Plan only to integrate missing exams to complete your university career, based on the information published on the Exams and tests page of the Department of Letters and Philosophy (in Italian only).

If you are enrolled in a four-year degree course (pre-Bologna process, “vecchio ordinamento”) and want to change your Study Plan, contact the Student Support Service.
Requests for chenging the Study Plan are evaluated by two collaborators of the Department Director:

  • Professor Pietro Taravacci for the degree course in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature
  • Professor Alessandra Di Ricco for the degree course in Literature.

Some special cases may be submitted to the Department Council.

Information for registering for exams and taking them is published on the Exams and tests page of the Department of Letters and Philosophy (in Italian only).

English translation unavailable for .

Check the Career - Record Book

If your Study Plan is updated correctly, you can see the changes saved in the Esse3 reserved area under Career - Record Book (other sections of Esse3 don't matter).