In order to be admitted to the exams, you must have previously uploaded the courses in your transcript of records (“libretto”)  from your Esse3 web area (hand-side menu: Carriera> Libretto) within the rules and time frames set for your degree course.

You are allowed to upload or modify your study plan  from your Esse3 web area (hand-side menu: Carriera> Libretto) in the following  time frames:

  • from 8th October to 8th Novembre 2019
  • from 16th March to 17th April 2020

The on line section is active only if you have paid the tuition fees for a.y. 2019/2020 and within the deadlines set.

Online study plan (esse3)

If you are regularly enrolled in a.y. 2019/2020 you can enter and change your Study plan (“Piano di studio”) from your Esse3 web area, hand-side menu: Piano di Studio >Piano Carriera (Study Plan >Career plan), according to the academic year of enrolment  and within specific time frames only.

If you are in an “Attesa di laurea” (expecting to graduate) condition, you are not allowed to make any change in your study plan.

Go to: Esse3 - Study Plan

Study plan paper application

A paper application is due in one of the following cases:

  • you have obtained an academic transfer credit evaluation (e.g. from previous or closed studies, transfer,  Erasmus, etc.)
  • you are taking some classes in advance in relation to your year of enrollment
  • you are taking some classes which are not normally taught in your Study Course/Department (you can choose classes from a different Study Course having the same level as yours)
  • you are late with your studies (“fuori corso”)
  • you want to add extra credits to your study plan

You can send the application form by e-mail to the dedicated Student Support Service together with your identity document.