Requirements and admission procedures for Italian, European and non-European citizens resident in Italy

Requirements to access the Master’s Degree in Mathematics:

  • a Bachelor’s degree that provides a good basic mathematical background, as specified in the Course regulation (at least 60 CFU in the area MAT/ or related, but mathematical content)
  • adequate personal background, which is verified through: 
    • a written exam (you do not have to take it if you already have a Bachelor in the class L-35 and a weighted average higher than 24/30, or if you have completed a training course agreed with the Admissions Committee in the past years) and
    • an interview with the Admissions Committee (always required after the written exam and compulsory for the Cryptography track)
  • English language proficiency at B1 level (CEFR).

The evaluation is carried out by the Admissions Committee.