Pass validity and facilities

The pass is valid each year from 1st September until the following 31st August, even for those who complete their programme in the meantime.

“Free circulation pass” applies to:

  • all Trentino trasporti esercizio SpA means of transport and routes
  • Trento-Malè railway
  • Valsugana railway between Trento and Primolano
  • Brennero railway between Borghetto and Mezzocorona/Ora (please notice that Ora station can be used only as a stopover for travels to either Val di Fiemme or to Val di Fassa. You are not allowed to get in  nor to get off at: Salorno, Magrè/Cortaccia and Egna)
  • Trento-Sardagna cable car.

The trains FA (“Frecciargento”), EC (EuroCity), IC (InterCity) and “Espressi” are not included in the service. Please remember to validate the Pass every time you use the public transport.

“Free circulation pass” applies in the following conditions:

  • free travels on any public means of transport (bus, train, cable car, coach) within Trento province
  • free travels on “Trentino Trasporti esercizio spa” routes and coaches, even if going outside Trento province (e.g. line Fiera Feltre)
  • partially free travels on trains where the destination or the departure is outside Trento province (ex. Trento-Bassano del Grappa or Verona-Trento). In this case you do not have to pay the route that runs within the Trento province (ex. Trento-Primolano o Trento Borghetto/Ala), but you have to to buy the ticket or the pass for the route that runs outside the Trento province (ex. Primolano-Bassano o Borghetto/Ala -Verona), since it’s not covered by the free circulation pass. Please remember to validate the ticket/pass according to the procedure explained on the paragraph Routes outside Trento province: how to validate the pass and integrate it.