Dissertation dates and deadlines

All the exams must be registered at least 7 days before the date of the dissertation.

Dates and deadlines

Registration for the dissertation

Upload and submission of the graduation thesis document (Master Degree) Upload and submission of the graduation thesis document (4 years Master Degree) Date of dissertation
From 11nd May to 10th June 2020 By 8th July 2020 By 15th July 2020 22nd July 2020
From 10th August to 9th September 2020 By 7th October 2020 By 4th October 2020 21st October 2020
From 18th November to18th December 2020

By 15th January 2021 (EMBS by 7th January 2021)

By 22nd January 2021 29th January 2021 (EMBS 22 January 2021)
From 11th January to 10th February 2021 By 10th March 2021 By 17th March 2021 23rd and 24th March 2021
From 1st to 31st March 2021

By 28th April 2021

By 5th May 2021

12th May 2021

The extraordinary session is reserved for students who, to complete their studies, at 31st March 2021 must take only:

  • the final exam
  • and / or even the internship
  • and / or even the curricular language test.

Students who have subscribed to the “Free circulation yearly pass” for the academic year 2020/2021 cannot unsubscribe from the academic year  2020-2021 and graduate in the extraordinary session.

Registration for the dissertation

In order to register for the dissertation, you have to fill in the Degree awarded application in your Esse3 web area.
You will be asked to:

  • do the Almalaurea questionnaire
  • write the name of your Supervisor
  • attach the graduation form signed by your Supervisor

After this registration, you have to pay a contribution of € 72,00 within the deadline indicated in the payment slip available in Esse3 - Registrar_s office - MyTasse.

Further and detailed instructions are available in the guidelines Degree award application: master courses.

Go to: Esse3 - Degree award

Upload and submission of the graduation thesis document

You have to:

  • upload the pdf/a document of your graduation thesis in Esse3
  • submit a copy in PDF format of the graduation thesis document to the Supervisor, Cosupervisor and President of the academic board for the dissertation
  • submit an abstract in PDF format (max 5 pages including bibliography) to the President and the members of the academic board for the dissertation.


Giving up the thesis dissertation or final exam

If you have to give up your final exam session, please mail to the Students Support Service of your Department (supportostudentiecogiursi@unitn.it) from your unitn.it mailbox, or drop there during the opening times to inform them.

When you register again for the thesis dissertation/final exam, you will be asked to pay a further fee of the amount of €56, if the session takes place within the same academic year or of €72 if it takes place in the following academic year(s).