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Academic year


Academic year



Five and six year Master's degrees

Master's degrees

If you want to move to another university, you have to fill in the online form in your Esse3 web area and then in Domanda di trasferimento (“Transfer application to another University”).

Your application will be taken in consideration by UniTrento provided you have no pending payments for tuition fees for the last academic year.

Admission to the other university

Make sure you have previously checked with the student support office of the university where you intend to move deadlines, admission exams and requirements set for the study course you have chosen.

What to check

Make sure that all your academic records are in your exam transcripts (Esse3 - Career section). In case some exams/credits were missing, contact the Student Support Service of your course for an update.

Transfer application

  • Fill in the online application form in your Esse3 pesonal area - Domanda di trasferimento (“Transfer application to another University”).
  • Once the application is completed, pay the bank receipt you can find in Esse3 - Registrar's office - MyTasse. The transfer application will be effective after this payment.
Go to: Esse3 - Transfer application