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Five and six year Master's degrees

Master's degrees

The Merit Award is a cash prize for UniTrento graduates established to reward their skills and their commitment to study as well as to encourage them:

  • to complete their studies in due time
  • to engage since the first year and achieve good results and grades in examinations
  • to spend periods of study abroad
  • to strive for grades higher than average.

The award is assigned considering the commitment in the university path, and may vary:

  • from €500,00 to €5.000,00 for undergraduate courses and for 5 year degree courses
  • from €500,00 to € 3,500 for master degree courses

How to participate

No application is requested. If you fulfill all requisites with reference to the yearly timeframe (1 August - 31 July of the following year) you are automatically taken into consideration for the merit award.


  • you graduated at the UniTrento in the timeframe considered yearly for the award
  • you enrolled in UniTrento between academic years 2008-09 and 2015-16,
  • you have graduated in no more than:
    • 54 months, for bachelor’s degree courses
    • 42 months, for master's degrees courses
    • 78 months, for 5-year-degree courses
  • you are not an incoming mobility student
  • you did not attend an inter-university program

Criteria for the assessment

A final mark is given taking into consideration four elements within the relevant timeframe:

  • length of your studies from 1st October of the year of first enrollment
  • international mobility, for study or internship, within official calls/agreements and credit transfer
  • number of the exams and GPA earned in the first year, for bachelor’s and 5-year-degree courses students
  • number of the exams and GPA earned during the whole career, for master’s students
  • overall merit


Once the evaluation process is concluded, you will receive in your unitn mailbox the link to the dedicated page with the rankings and needed information.

The cash prizes are paid after graduation.