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This website explains deadlines and administrative procedure to graduate: how to submit the degree award form and register for the final exam.

The features of the Fial exam are described on the website Graduation - Master's Degree in Cognitive Science.


Thesis title declaration Degree award application period Master's thesis submission Graduation dates
by 17 March 2021 from 19 May to 16 June 2021 by 7July 2021 14 July 2021
by 16 June 2021 from 18 August to 15 September 2021 by 29 September 2021 13 Ocotber 2021
by 18 August 2021 from 13 October to 17 November 2021 by 1 December 2021 15 December 2021
by 17 November 2021 from 12 January to 16 February 2022 by 2 March 2022 16 March 2022


Thesis title declaration

You have to complete and upload in Esse3 the “Thesis title declaration form” signed by your Supervisor.

If you change the title later, you will be able to modify it in the second step (Master’s defense application).

Go to: Esse3 - Degree award

Degree award application

Upload the “Final Examination Request” form signed by your Supervisor in Esse3.

After this registration, you have to pay a contribution within the deadline indicated in the payment slip available in Esse3 - Registrar_s office - MyTasse.

Go to: Esse3 - Degree award

Completion of internship, thesis copies and abstract submission

  • Send by email the documents attesting the completion of your internship to the Students’ Support Office ( or to the MCS admin ( at least 10 days before the Master's defense

  • Submit a copy of the Master's thesis to your supervisor and the thesis examiner, indicated by the supervisor, 14 days before the dissertation at the latest (please agree with your Supervisor on the format).

  • Send by email a summary of the Master’s thesis to 7 days before the graduation day.

Master's defense

Around 7 days before the dissertation on this page will be published the Committee's nomination-decree containing:

  • the committee’s composition
  • the list of graduating students allowed to discuss the Master thesis
  • the time and the classroom where the Master's defense will take place

Each candidate will have 15 minutes for presenting her/his thesis and then there will be 5 minutes for questions.

Dissertations will take place online until different instructions: each candidate will receive detailed instructions by email. 

Giving up the final exam

If you have to give up your final exam session, please mail to the Students Support Service of your Department ( from your mailbox.