ISEE: meaning and purposes

The “ISEE” is used to assess the Household Income (combined family members income and estate) , when social benefits are requested in Italy.
In the case of university students, a more specific indicator ("ISEE università") is used for assessing access to services and benefits (e.g. reduced fees calculation, fees waiver, university restaurants, campus accommodation, etc.).
An ISEE certification is thus needed to access some forms of university financial aid, in particular:

  • in order to obtain a reduction of tuition fees, based on your Household Income Condition
  • in order to apply for a scholarship and/or accommodation if you are about to enroll in a program or you are moving from another university
  • in order to be eligible for eligible for an Erasmus scholarship supplement, if you are going to apply for an Erasmus call.

The ISEE value is expressed in euros.