How to fill in your study plan - Quantitative and Computational Biology

Your Study Plan is partly pre-compiled in Esse3:

  • Student Support Service registers the mandatory courses in the study plan
  • you must insert the courses with restricted choice ("a scelta vincolata").

To choose restricted choice courses, login in your peronal area in ​​Esse3 - Study Plan - Career Plan and select the restricted choice courses you wish to include in your study plan.

If you want to insert only one of the two "6 credits modules" that are part of the 12 CFU restricted-choice courses, or if you want to include free-choice courses other than those listed in Esse3 (only if you are enrolled in the 2nd year), do not have to fill in the study plan in Esse3, follow instead these steps:

  • fill in the form related to your year of enrollment in the course (cohort) and to your track available in the attachment. The module is a 120 CFU projection of the study plan of your academic career. In the module, enter all the teaching activities, even those already passed, until you reach at least 120 CFU.
  • Save the form with a name according to the surname-name-matriculation-qcb-nometrack-year-cohort scheme (for example rossi-mario-185462-qcb-biocomputational-track-2021)
  • Attach the form to the online application Study plan changes - Master's Degree Courses - Department Science and Technology Area - a.y. 2021/2022 and send it by the deadlines.

Your application must be approved by your Programme coordinator.  If not approved, you will be notified via email.