How to check your ISEE University value

To get a reduction of your tuition fees, your "ISEE Università”:

  • must have been calculated within 31st December 2021
  • must show the following information “si applica alle prestazioni agevolate per il diritto allo studio universitario” for you (written in Italian on the “ISEE università”)
  • must not have Mistakes/Omissions

If your “ISEE università” does not meet those requirements you will be assigned to the maximum amount of tuition fees as long as you calculate the correct “ISEE università”.

UniTrento will acquire your “ISEE Università” value for the academic year 2021/2022 by the INPS database from June 2021.
From this date you can check if your “ISEE università” value is valid on your MyUnitn area by adding the “ISEE università per servizi UniTrento” widget (in Italian only). In order to add the widget click on the wrench icon “MyUnitn properties” on the right of the webpage and select “Add widget”.

If your “ISEE Università” certification is correct, you will see your ISEE value. In this case University of Trento will not make a new check. If you choose to apply for a new ISEE certification, please write an email to

If the widget shows that your “ISEE Università” certificate is not correct, you will not see any “ISEE università” value due to:

  • the ISEE you have calculated is not correct for the PRESTAZIONI AGEVOLATE PER IL DIRITTO ALLO STUDIO UNIVERSITARIO” for you (as written in Italian on the correct “ISEE università” certificate)
    Please check the “ISEE università” certificate: if in the paragraph after the box with the “ISEE ordinario” you find the text “si applica alle prestazioni agevolate per il diritto allo studio universitario in favore di…” (written in Italian only) and your tax code (i.e. codice fiscale) is missing, it means that your ISEE Università is not valid for UniTrento.
    Example of a correct ISEE università​​
    Example of a correct ISEE università​​
  • there are some “Omissions/Mistakes”: if so, you will see them in the paragraph “Annotazioni” on the “ISEE università” certificate after the box “Modalità di calcolo ISEE ordinario” (written in Italian only) Example of a wrong ISEE università.
    Examples of Omissions or Mistakes:
    Examples of Omissions or Mistakes 

​Should your ISEE certification have some problems, you have to check it with the CAF centre that submitted your DSU and request for a new DSU with complete and correct data.

The date of submission of the first DSU only will be considered to the purpose of ISEE deadlines.