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"Free circulation" is the pass with a special rate of € 50,00 per year for public transport for students and PhD students of the University of Trento.

Who can benefit from this service

You can benefit from this service if you are enrolled at the University of Trento in the current academic year as:

  • a Bachelor or Master student regularly enrolled or in "Expecting to graduate" condition
  • a Bachelor or Master student regularly enrolled in Inter-university degree course in partnership with UniTrento  (for students provided with UniTrento services' access)
  • a student enrolled within a "Dual Career" programme 
  • a PhD student
  • a Post-Bachelor/post-Master Professional Master student
  • an International Exchange student.

You cannot benefit from this service, if you have a work contract engaging you more than 20 hours/week. In these cases you will be asked to pay for the normal pass (in Italian only).

PhD students who, after completion of the legal duration of their programme (end of the third year),  are in the postponement period or waiting for the final examination, can continue to benefit of reduced fees for subscription to the municipal public means of transportation (the reduced fee is the same as for the administrative staff): for more information and contacts see page Opportunities for PhD students - Means of transport.

Pass validity and facilities

The pass is valid each year from 1st September until the following 31st August, even for those who complete their programme in the meantime.

“Free circulation pass” applies to:

  • all Trentino trasporti esercizio SpA means of transport and routes
  • Trento-Malè railway
  • Valsugana railway between Trento and Primolano
  • Brennero railway between Borghetto and Mezzocorona/Ora (please notice that Ora station can be used only as a stopover for travels to either Val di Fiemme or to Val di Fassa. You are not allowed to get in  nor to get off at: Salorno, Magrè/Cortaccia and Egna)
  • Trento-Sardagna cable car.

The trains FA (“Frecciargento”), EC (EuroCity), IC (InterCity) and “Espressi” are not included in the service. Please remember to validate the Pass every time you use the public transport.

“Free circulation pass” applies in the following conditions:

  • free travels on any public means of transport (bus, train, cable car, coach) within Trento province
  • free travels on “Trentino Trasporti esercizio spa” routes and coaches, even if going outside Trento province (e.g. line Fiera Feltre)
  • partially free travels on trains where the destination or the departure is outside Trento province (ex. Trento-Bassano del Grappa or Verona-Trento). In this case you do not have to pay the route that runs within the Trento province (ex. Trento-Primolano o Trento Borghetto/Ala), but you have to to buy the ticket or the pass for the route that runs outside the Trento province (ex. Primolano-Bassano o Borghetto/Ala -Verona), since it’s not covered by the free circulation pass. Please remember to validate the ticket/pass according to the procedure explained on the paragraph Routes outside Trento province: how to validate the pass and integrate it.

How to apply for the “free circulation pass”

1. Enrolment or enrolment renewal

First, make sure you are regularly enrolled or you are in “Expecting to graduate” condition for the current academic year, that is:

  • you have paid the first installment of fees
  • you have completed the application for a scholarship/exemption, enrollment or renewal with Opera benefit request or with disability exemption and have paid the stamp duty of € 16.00
  • you have completed the "Expecting to graduate" application.

How to renew your enrollment or submit your "Expecting to graduate" application.

2. Fill in the “Free circulation” application

Fill in the “Free circulation” application, usually open every year starting from the last days of August.

Choose the pass type

  • the OpenMove smartphone app (available for Android, iPhone, and web browsers for other operating systems), 
  • the Trentino Trasporti smartcard, available if you cannot or you don’t want to use the mobile app (fixed cost: € 4,00).

Once you have submitted the application and chosen the pass type, you can not change it until it expires (ex. change from the App to the Smartcard or viceversa).

3. Payment

After completing the application procedure, you have to pay the € 50,00fee, according to the instructions provided in the online procedure.

The contribution is compulsory for all students, included those who are fees waived.

4. Activate your subscription

Within a few days you'll receive an email to your student webmail ( with further instructions about the pass activation. In case you do not receive this e-mail please contact

If you chose the mobile App OpenMove, you can activate it directly on your smartphone. If you face any problems/doubts you can refer to the OpenMove guide.

If you chose the smartcard of Trentino Trasporti just follow the instructions sent by e-mail: you will have to go to the bus station with a picture (passport size), pay 4,00 euros and wait up to 10 days to collect your smartcard. For any doubts please contact Trentino Trasporti Customer Service.

Routes outside Trento province: how to validate the pass and integrate it

If the departure or the final destination is outside Trento province (on the routes from Trento to Bassano del Grappa or Trento to Verona and viceversa), you have to buy the ticket or the pass for the route not covered by the “Free circulation pass”.

You have to validate the pass according to the following rules.

  • If you chose the Trentino Trasporti Smartcard, you have to get off the train the first/last available station on the Trento province and validate your pass with the ticket validator.
  • If you chose the OpenMove App: you can validate the pass with the specific code of the first/last available station on the Trento province (Primolano, Borghetto, Ala). In order to validate the pass, the train has to stop in one of these stations. Example of a travel Verona-Trento:
    • if you are on a regional train you can validate the pass at the Borghetto station (adding the code of the station) and you have to buy the ticket from Verona to Borghetto o from Borghetto to Verona.
    • if you are on a fast regional train (“regionale veloce”), the first available station is Ala. Then you have to buy the ticket from Verona to Ala or from Ala to Verona..