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The system for calculating tuition fees and students benefits is based on the financial situation of the student (if already financially autonomous) or of his/her household (either in or outside Italy) if the student is not economically independent.
The financial situation is expressed by one of the two following Economic Condition Indicators, according to the student’s situation:

  1. ISEE University value ("ISEE università"), that is to say the Equivalent Economic Condition Indicator, referred to university occurs if your permanent residence is in Italy and if yourincomes - and those of the your household- come from Italy
  2. Equivalent ISEE ("ISEE parificato"), if your permanent residence is outside Italy, or if your residence is in Italy but the family you depend on lives abroad (household abroad)

On this page you can see what is Equivalent ISEE, when and how you can have it calculated.

ISEE: meaning and purposes

The “ISEE” is used to assess the Household Income (combined family members income and estate), when social benefits are requested in Italy.
In the case of university students, a more specific indicator ("ISEE università") is used for assessing access to services and benefits (e.g. reduced fees calculation, fees waiver, campus accommodation, etc.)

If you are not eligible for the calculation of “ISEE università” value (this is the case if you are either resident abroad or if you permanently live in Italy but financially dependent on a family living outside Italy (household abroad) you have to  apply for ISEE equivalent value (“ISEE parificato”) in order to access to services and benefits: if you do not calculate any ISEE parificato, you will be asked to pay the highest fee amount.

ISEE for students resident abroad: how and where

You should request an ISEE equivalent (“ISEE parificato”), which is used in cases where presenting a standard ISEE declaration is not possible.

Students should request an “ISEE parificato” if they are:

  • foreign nationals resident abroad; 
  • Italian national resident abroad 
  • foreign nationals resident in Italy who are not financially independent

In order to obtain the “ISEE parificato”, please proceed as follows:

  • fill in the Application for the Equivalent ISEE (Equivalent Economic Condition Indicator) 2020/2021
  • wait for the CAF to contact you to arrange an appointment
  • at the appointment, bring with you all the required documents and the data that are listed in the following document: Equivalent ISEE Documents
  • if you cannot move for an appointment with the CAF, you can declare it in the calculation request and attach all the documents requested.

This service is free of charge for students enrolled or applicants who are going to enrol at:

  • University of Trento
  • Conservatorio Statale di Musica F.A. Bonporti
  • Istituto Accademico per Interpreti e Traduttori di Trento (ISIT)
  • Trentino Art Academy

Deadlines and expiry date

To obtain a reduction in your tuition fees, your ISEE must be calculated within the deadlines for the second fee installment.

In order to apply for a scholarship and / or an accommodation for the a.a. 2020/2021, you have to calculate the ISEE by the deadlines set by the calls of the Opera Universitaria:

  • by 18th August 2020 if you already have accommodation and want to apply for a scholarship, exemption from fees and confirmation of accommodation
  • by 31st August 2020 if you want to apply for a scholarship, exemption from fees and accommodation (new assignments)
  • by 14th September 2020 if you are applying only for a scholarship and exemption from fees.

For more information, please refer to the Opera Universitaria (University Guild) website.

ISEE 2020 is valid only for the 2020/2021 academic year.