Artificial Intelligence Systems - AIS

Behavioural and Applied Economics - BEA

Cellular and molecular biotechnology

Civil engineering

Cognitive science

Computer science

Data Science

Economics - MEC

Economics and business legislation

Energy engineering

Engineering of telecommunication

Environmental and Land Engineering

Environmental Meteorology

Euro-American literatures, translation and literary critics

European and International Studies - MEIS


Global and Local Studies

Historical sciences

Human-Computer Interaction

Information and Communication Engineering

International Security Studies - MISS

Linguistic mediation, tourism and culture


Management of organizations and of the territory

Management of sustainability and tourism

Master in Innovation Management - MAIN

Master in International Management - MIM

Materials and production Engineering

Materials Engineering


Mechatronics engineering

Methodology, organization and evaluation of social services

Organization, society and technology

Philology and literary critics

Philosophy and languages of modern times



Quantitative and Computational Biology

Sociology and social research