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Academic year


Five-year degrees


Dissertation/final exam calendar and deadlines
Date of the Dissertation or final exam

First deadline: Registration in Esse3

Second deadline: Graduation thesis document

13.06.2018 16.05.2018 23.05.2018




03.10.2018 05.09.2018 12.09.2018








Registration for the dissertation/final exam

The online registration form is available, after login, in your Esse3 web area (hand-side menu: “Apply” - Laurea > Conseguimento titolo (Registration for the dissertation/final exam).

Fill in all missing information and once it is complete press “Conferma” (confirm).

Go to: Guidelines Esse3 Procedure

Go to: Esse3 - Degree award application

Graduation thesis document

You have to:

  • upload in esse3 of your graduation thesis (pdf/a version)
  • submit your graduation thesis (paper version) to the Student Support
  • submit your graduation thesis (paper version) to the Supervisor and to the Cosupervisor
  • send an email to with a copy of your abstract, writing in the object: Abstract - Name Surname - N. Matricola - Course of Study

If the thesis is in english, please see the "Regolamento"


Payment of the graduation fee

A graduation fee of euro 72,00 has to be paid one week before the dissertation/final exam.

You will find the bank payment receipt (“MAV”) after you have successfully completed the above procedure in your Esse3 web area (hand-side menu: “Apply” - Segreteria > MyTasse

Thesis dissertation/final exam

The names of the members of the academic board and the time of the dissertation/final exam will be published in the download box on this page.

Giving up the thesis dissertation/final exam

If you have to give up your final exam session, please mail to the Students Support Service of your Department ( from your mailbox, or drop there during the opening times to inform them.

When you register again for the thesis dissertation/final exam, you will be asked to pay a further fee of the amount of €56, if the session takes place within the same academic year or of €72 if it takes place in the following academic year(s).