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Starting from academic year 2017/2018 for all EU citizens there is a new contribution system for calculating tuition fees and students benefits. The new system is based on “ISEE università”, that is to say the Equivalent Economic Condition Indicator, referred to university. The fee amounts you will have to pay depends on this indicator, which is expressed in euros on a declaration (“Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica per l’ISEE università”) issued by any  Fiscal Assistance Centre (“CAAF”) in Italy.

On this page you can see what is ISEE, when and how to have it calculated.


ISEE: meaning and purposes

The “ISEE” is used to assess the  Household Income (combined family members income and estate ) , when social benefits are requested in Italy.
In the case of university students, a more specific indicator ("ISEE università") is used for assessing access to services and benefits (e.g. reduced fees calculation, fees waiver, university restaurants, campus accommodation, etc.).
An ISEE certification is thus needed to access some forms of university financial aid, in particular:

  • in order to obtain a reduction of tuition fees, based on your Household Income Condition
  • in order to apply for a scholarship and / or accommodation if you are about to enroll in a program or  you are moving from another university.

The ISEE value is expressed in euros.

ISEE for student resident in Italy: how and where

01/16/2017 to 09/30/2017

Italian nationals and financially independent foreign nationals resident in Italy must request their 2017 “ISEE- Università” by compiling the DSU (“Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica”). You can do so either with the help of CAF centres (free of charge) or professional tax consultant or by yourself - by filling in the form in the “online services” section of the INPS website (in Italian only).

Should more than one student from the same household  apply for financial aid, an ISEE certification will have  to be requested by each of the students and the tax code (“codice fiscale”)  of the applicant will have to be mentioned.

On average, ISEE certification is issued within 10 working days of DSU completion.

Please do not submit your ISEE certification directly to the University: it  will be transmitted to UniTrento by INPS once your online request for financial aid has been completed. Within 31st October, your ISEE value will be available in your Esse3 web area together with the fees amount to be paid for a.y 2017/2018.

How to check your “ISEE università”

Starting from the first days of September 2017, the University of Trento will regularly check ISEE certification data transmitted by INPS.

If you have submitted the “Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica” (DSU) and INPS has already checked it, your ISEE certification data will be displayed in your Esse3 private area, in the section “Segreteria > Attestazione ISEE”.

If your “ISEE università” certification is correct, you will see the following information (in Italian only):

  • “Tipologia di ISEE: U”
  • “Presenza di omissioni difformità: 0”
  • “Valore ISEE: un valore in Euro che indica il tuo valore ISEE università”.

Should your ISEE certification have some problems, instead of the ISEE value, you will see the message "ISEE non valido ai fini del calcolo dei contributi universitari".

The problem may be due to different reasons, indicated in the lines "Tipologia di ISEE" or "Presenza di omissioni/difformità".

  • Tipologia di ISEE: O. ISEE certification transmitted by INPS is an ordinary ISEE type (“ISEE ordinario”), which is not suitable for university contributions. In order to obtain a valid ISEE certification, you must request an ISEE certification of type “ISEE università”.
  • Presenza di omissioni/difformità: 1. Some data are missing or are inconsistent with other tax data. You have to check it with the office that submitted your DSU and request for a new DSU with complete and correct data.

If you choose to apply for a new ISEE certification, be aware that University of Trento will make a new check shortly before 31/10/2017: until that moment, in your Esse3 private area you’ll see the data of your first ISEE certification.

The date of submission of the first DSU only will be considered to the purpose of ISEE deadlines.

Go to: Esse3 - Private area

Deadlines and Expiry Date

ISEE validity for  is one academic year only and has to be calculated every time you renew the enrolment.

To obtain a reduction in your tuition fees, your ISEE must be calculated/submitted within the following deadlines:

  • from 16th January to 30th September 2017
  • from  1st October to 31st October 2017, with a 100,00 € penalty
  • from  1st November 2017 to 30th December 2017 with a 200,00 € penalty.

Please note that in order to apply for a scholarship and/or accommodation, you must comply the ISEE deadlines provided by the official call "Bando 1 - ISEE per studenti matricole o in trasferimento da altri atenei" (in italian only).