Enrollment in single classes for admission to a master degree course can be useful:

  • To fulfil the requirements set for admission to a master degree course
  • To take any exams in advance of the master degree course you are willing to enroll in (max 36 credits) with the exception of master degree courses with limited access

Enrollment in single classes for accessing a master degree course lasts one academic year.

For example, in the case your enroll in any single class of a.y. 2016/2017

  • your enrollment lasts until March 31 2018 and you can take all the exams you are enrolled in in all the exam sessions available during the whole academic year
  • you can take only the exams which are included in the offering of a.y. 2016/2017
  • enrollment can be carried out any time throughout the year
  • You can take any exam starting from the first exam session in a.y. 2016/2017 (except for July or September 2016)

Should you still not have an email account @unitn.it, you can create your  account before enrolling in one single course at https://webapps.unitn.it/Registration and have access to all UniTrento online services.

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Single classes Educational Offer

You can find informations:

  • on the University of Trento teaching offer
  • the number of credits
  • the scientific disciplinary sector as well as the code of each course

visiting the following webpage: www.esse3.unitn.it and having access to "Lezioni >  Attività didattiche".

Select the academic year of enrollment in the single class, the Department providing the course and search for the exam that best suits your expectations.

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Tuition fees

In order to be enrolled in single courses for being admitted to a master degree course you are requested to pay a tuition fee according to the total number of credits of all the courses you are willing to take:

  • Up to 12 CFU = 200 €
  • Up to 24 CFU = 300 €
  • Up to 36 CFU = 400 €
  • Up to 60 CFU = 700 €

Once you are enrolled in a single course you will find in your reserved area in the esse3 platform a pre-printed payment slip for the payment of the enrollment fee. 

Go to: Esse3 - MyTasse