Changes from the past system based on ICEF
  • There are no income brackets any more. Fee amounts are based on a progressive curve, taking into consideration different factors (the ISEE value referred to university, the study course, the year of first enrolment). UniTrento fees simulator provides quite an exact estimate on how much you will have to pay. Go to: UniTrento fees simulator a.y. 2017-18 - Simulatore tasse UniTrento 2017-18
    In your Esse3 web area you have temporarily the third bracket ("fascia"), which corresponds to the maximum amount. Within October, 31st the economic barcket will be update according to your  ISEE, so that the amount of the second installment will be updatet in time too. The ISEE value  does not affected the amount of the first installment, which is the same for all the students.
  • The instalments are three, instead of two: the first instalment (the same amount for all students) is to be paid in September, the second one (the most significant one) is to be paid in November, while the third one in March
  • "ISEE università" and ISEE equivalent validity is one academic year only and has to be calculated every time you renew the enrolment
  • You can get your "ISEE università" calculated from any Fiscal Assistance Centre (“CAAF”) in Italy - except from students resident abroad who should request an ISEE equivalent (“ISEE parificato”)
  • "ISEE università" calculation can take up to 15 days. You can have your "ISEE università" calculated free of charge from 16th January to 30th September every. If you enrol after 30th September, you will have to pay a penalty.
  • "ISEE università"  can be calculated no later than 30th December of the following year: "ISEE università"  2017, valid for a.y. 2017/2018 can be calculated up to 30 December 2017. If you are expecting to graduate within 31st March 2018 (“attesa di laurea” condition)  you must have your ISEE calculated no later than 30th December 2017 if you intend to renew your enrolment within 31st March 2018.​